Partnership with TMM provides

  • Move Management and supporting administrative functions for shipments awarded to you through the Defense Personal Property Program (DP3).
  • Management of improved communications between military customers and transportation service providers using an expert staff with proven experience in both managing and executing DoD regulatory requirements.
  • Customer service support second to none; integrated software platform provides military customers with a single touch point for the entire move and helps facilitate the collection of Customer Satisfaction Surveys.
  • Management of DoD and contractor services using an integrated software platform.
  • Claims services handled with an average settlement period 35% faster than DP3 requirements.
  • Elimination of approximately 75% of overhead related to personnel and resource costs associated with a traditional TSP. TMM estimates that TSPs utilizing its management services as part of DP3 saves taxpayers roughly $15 million a year.

These factors make a TMM partner significantly more competitive.

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